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Toxoplasmosis in Felines

This is really a "mouthful". Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that can be contracted in a number of different ways. Raw meat and your cats litter box are two examples. Cats have been recognized for some time as a host for this parasite and many people have been unnecessarily worried about the role their pet may play in transmitting this disease to them.

The disease itself can cause many problems, but the most talked about is the potential for causing birth defects in unborn children. People handling a cat's litter box and then not washing their hands before eating or putting their hands in their mouth can wind up with a "mouthful" of Toxoplasmosis organisms. Of course, this assumes your cat has this parasite.

Actually, it is far more likely that you would be infected with this parasite by working with raw meat during cooking. Using the cutting board or knife afterwards without washing them first to cut veggies or other foods that are not adequately cooked following preparation or not washing your hands before eating or putting your fingers in your mouth........

If you are pregnant or are likely to be, you should discuss the potential for exposure to this parasite with your physician and veterinarian. Please don't get rid of Kitty just because you are not well enough informed about the problem. A simple alternative may be to have someone else handle Kitty’s box during the pregnancy, or simply practice good hygiene and wash your hands.


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