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Obesity is a common problem in our older pets. Older pets often tend to exercise less (especially if they have arthritis)  and eat more. Inactivity can lead to even greater weight gain, becoming a vicious cycle. A pet only slightly overweight can be fed less food to reverse the problem, or can be given Prescription Diet w/d. A truly obese pet will need a specific reducing product such as Prescription Diet r/d (reducing diet). The severely overweight pet needs significant calorie restriction. This cannot be accomplished with regular diets without restricting to dangerous levels the vitamins,minerals, carbohydrates, etc. that are needed in certain minimum amounts. Prescription Diet r/d is fortified with extra nutrients while restricting the caloric content. It also has more fiber to provide a ‘fuller feeling’ after eating to help the pet feel more loved. (Doesn’t everyone associate getting more food with being better loved?)

Obesity will take years off of your pet’s life, while making their remaining years less healthful and more uncomfortable. Obesity contributes to such physical maladies as diabetes, liver and kidney disease, joint problems, cancer, strokes and lung problems.

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