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Removing plaque before it hardens to tartar is the most important step in preventing periodontal disease. Feeding a diet including dry or crunchy kibble is better than soft food for minimizing the build-up of tartar. For maximum dietary therapy, Prescription Diet Canine t/d and Prescription Diet Feline t/d are specially formulated to slow down the accumulation of tartar. The unique texture of the food allows the tooth to penetrate, wiping the tooth surface as your pet eats. Prescription Diet t/d is a high quality, complete and balanced diet intended to be fed exclusively.

Additionally, brushing your pet’s teeth regularly (at least twice a week & ideally once daily) reduces plaque and tartar buildup at and beneath the gum line. You should know that soft plaque hardens to tartar in 48 hours.

START SLOWLY: Gently handle your pet’s mouth. Massage along the cheek-side of the tooth and gum line with your finger. If your pet resists, stroke and reassure your pet and try again. Make this a comfortable time for both of you.

When your pet accepts handling of it’s mouth, wrap a small amount of gauze around your index finger to wipe plaque from cheek side tooth surfaces and gum line. After your pet is accustomed to the feel of the gauze, add a little special pet toothpaste to the gauze. Never use human toothpaste as your pet cannot spit it out and they may cause stomach upset.

After your success with the gauze and paste, start brushing with a special soft-bristle pet toothbrush or finger brush. Gently hold your pet’s mouth closed with one hand. Lift the lip on one side and brush cheek-side surfaces of teeth and gum line. This is where the salivary glands are located and many problems occur.

The entire process should take only a few minutes. Praise your pet and give occasional rewards for good behavior and cooperation. If your pet resists your best tooth brushing efforts, feeding t/d will save the day!

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