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What can I expect from a comprehensive dental exam or procedure?

Dr. Shouse will give your pet a complete physical, in your presence, before the procedure begins and will discuss any issues or concerns with you.

Preanesthetic tests are offered to increase the safety of the procedure.

Intravenous fluids will be recommended, as this supports the pet's blood pressure and gives us IV access in case of problems during the anesthesia.

Anesthetic monitoring is provided to minimize any problems.

Isoflurane is the gas anesthetic used, for both safety and efficiency.

Your pet’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned, polished and a fluoride treatment is given.

With your permission, any teeth too damaged to be saved will be pulled.

An antibiotic injection is given to control any spreading infections.

An anti-inflammatory injection is given to ease any discomfort.

Your pet is closely monitored until recovered from anesthesia.

Your pet’s ears are checked for any foreign objects or infections.

Dr. Shouse releases your pet to you, going over test results, your pet’s response to anesthetic, further dental care recommendations and answers any questions you may have.

Your pet goes home happy with a dazzling smile!

You have the satisfaction of knowing you have increased your pet’s health and quality of life!

Your pet's breath is usually much sweeter!

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