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For the Cats

Kitty boarders are provided with individual kennels that include bedding, hiding houses and of course litter boxes.

Although many owners often express some apprehension at having their cat “locked up”, it is important to remember that cats are not always happy to meet other cats. When in unfamiliar surroundings, they prefer to have a safe place to withdraw and hide.

Each kitty palace is cleaned daily. Litter boxes are changed as often as necessary. Fresh food and water is always provided. Owners are welcome to bring bedding and toys from home. Every effort is made to maintain the same routine your pet is used to at home.


Feline Anxiety

Cats often feel threatened and uncomfortable when entering an environment of other cats. Even though we provide safe hiding places as a secure retreat for your kitty, they may still be overwhelmed by the other ‘scents’ in the kennel. Feliway is an effective aerosol product that mimics pleasant pheromones. When sprayed into your kitty’s kennel, it has an emotional calming affect that helps them to adapt faster and easier.

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